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Merchants Bank of Commerce
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Business Services

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Cash Management
Good Cash Management Means:
  • Knowing when, where, and how your cash needs will occur
  • Knowing what the best sources are for meeting additional cash needs
  • Being prepared to meet these needs when they occur, by keeping good relationships with vendors and other creditors

Our Cash Management experts can tailor a program of services that your business needs today, and can provide ongoing support and consultation as your business grows.

Internet Solutions

Reduce both the time and cost of your banking with our secure, commercial online banking.

Collection of Cash - Streamline Your Accounts Receivables Process

If your business is an organization with dues and subscriptions or has some occasional receivables to collect, electronic debit services -- also known as ACH or Automated Clearing House -- helps you do it quickly and easily. Provide your customers with an additional payment option that easily collects one-time and recurring payments. It’s an efficient way to speed up your receivables process and automate recurring collections in a low-cost and secure method. Manage your receivables, customer payments and incoming cash flows.


Get all the products and services you need to manage your company's cash outflow.

Information Services

Receive timely, helpful reports and information to help keep your business running smoothly.

For more information call our Customer Care Center at 800.421.2575.

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Corporate Banking

Advanced Corporate Online Banking Solution.

Your business. Your time. Your choice.

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, providing intuitive online banking services is more important now than ever. That’s why we now offer new advanced solutions and more powerful tools to help manage your online banking needs.

Our advanced corporate online banking solution includes:

  • A commercial dashboard
  • More flexibility for setting user access
  • Group account balances
  • Information reporting
    • Account activity report
    • Automated Clearing House (ACH) activity report
    • Cash position report
    • Outgoing wire report
    • Account reconciliation
  • Advanced wire capabilities
    • Batch wire uploads
    • Multi-wire origination
  • Recipient upload from batch payments
  • Routing Transit Number (RTN) validation
  • Multi-transfer

Contact a bank representative at 800.421.2575 for more details on how these advanced solutions can help your business.

Fees may apply. Contact any branch for full details.

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Courier Service

Merchants Bank of Commerce Courier Service is a convenient way for you to make deposits, fill change orders, or have documents delivered to and from the bank. You choose to have scheduled pickups on a daily, weekly, or on-call basis, and we will arrange for the safe and secure delivery of your deposits.

You never have to leave your office or take time out of your day to run to the bank. After all, you have enough to worry about running a business, let us do the running to the bank.

You choose your schedule and frequency. Give us a call today at 800.421.2575.

Fees may apply. Contact any branch for full details.

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Lockbox Service

Automated Processing Service

Do your customers mail in payments, are they dispersed across a region, or do you hold on to checks over a day or two because you don’t have time to process them?

Lockbox enables you to:

  • Have faster access to your funds
  • Have timely receivables information
  • Have customized remittance processing
  • Have more efficient use of your office staff
Contact a bank representative at 916.677.5880 for more details on Lockbox Service can help your business.
Fees may apply. Contact any branch for full details.
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Merchant Services

With our Merchant Services we deliver payment solutions and products to help grow your business.

  • Accept all forms of payments—Visa,® MasterCard,® American Express® and gift cards
  • Choose from various terminals—e-commerce and mobile solutions
  • One-time events—make it easy and affordable to take donations
  • Accept recurring billing and electronic invoicing
  • Pin debit transactions, multi-merchant capabilities and tip adjustment
  • Apple Pay, NFC and contactless support

Fees may apply. Contact any branch for full details.

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Night Depository

Whether you prefer to make deposits during non-banking hours, or simply prefer the convenience of not coming into the branch, our Night Depository Service provides a safe alternative to make your daily deposits. Deposits made after 7:45 AM will be processed the following business day, so you can drop them off at any time, and know your funds are secure.

  • Secure-pack night drop bags offer peace of mind
  • Validated deposit receipts
  • Save time by dropping off deposits
Fees may apply. Contact any branch for full details.
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Positive Pay
Your business. Your time. Your choice.

Protecting your business from potential check and electronic transaction fraud is easier now more than ever with our Positive Pay services.

Check Fraud Detection

The system matches checks presented for payment against a list of checks your company inputs in the system. Checks that are not in the list of authorized checks are presented as an exception to allow you to pay or return.

ACH Fraud Detection

You create rules for electronic items to alert you to potential fraud. Items that do not meet the rules are presented as an exception to allow you to pay or return.

Check and Account Reconcilliation

Account reconciliation tools provide a quick way to reconcile your accounts enrolled in Positive Pay. Additional tools for check reconciliation are provided to list the checks that are outstanding, paid or issued.


A variety of reports are available in various formats.

  • Any business can utilize Positive Pay
  • No software is needed
  • Access Positive Pay through online banking or your mobile app¹, and make payment or return decisions on exception items
  • Identify potential fraud items quickly without having to wait until you receive your monthly statement

Contact a bank representative at 800.421.2575 for more details on how these advanced solutions can help your business.

1. Data and text messaging charges from your mobile carrier may apply.
Fees may apply. Contact any branch for full details.
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Remote Deposit Capture
The Shortest Distance Between Your Business and Your Bank is No Distance at all!

Making a business deposit used to mean driving to each of your remote locations, gathering up the checks, driving to the bank, standing in line, and conducting transactions with a teller. With Remote Deposit Capture you can deposit right from your office.

Remote Deposit Capture provides you with the capability to image-capture check payments at your business location and - over a secure Internet connection - electronically deliver checks to Merchants Bank of Commerce for deposit into your accounts. No more trips to the bank or paying couriers to do the job for you.

No matter the size of your business, or the size of your payment volume, our software makes the process simple.

Remote Deposit Capture, Enables You To:
  • Eliminate courier fees or employee trips to the bank
  • Copies of scanned checks are available to you
  • Combine funds from all your locations into one bank
  • Save time by preparing deposits electronically

Log Into RDC

Contact a bank representative at 800.421.2575 for more details on how these advanced solutions can help your business.

Fees may apply. Contact any branch for full details.

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Payroll Services

With Merchants Bank of Commerce Payroll Services, everything you need is in one location. Personalized payroll expertise to best meet your business needs. Let our payroll team be your payroll team. Ease your payroll burdens. We develop a payroll system tailored to everything you need.

Payroll Services

Complete Payroll Processing Services
  • Flexible payroll submission
  • Online, phone, fax or email
  • Electronic federal and state tax filings (all states)
  • Time and attendance program
  • Direct deposit
  • Customized reporting
  • Certified payroll
  • Prepare and file quarterly and year-end returns
  • Preparation of W-2s
Time and Attendance Program

  • Online —  no software to install
  • Time clock — pre-programmed and ready to plug in
    • Eliminate manual time cards
    • Reduce errors and fraud
    • Easy to set up and easy to use
    • Receive daily email of punch records


Human Resources Support Basic Program
  • Employee handbook: Downloadable and customizable
  • State and federal laws: Written in easy-to-understand forms
  • HR forms: Library of business, state and federal forms
  • 3-Minute HR audit: Assesses the effectiveness of your HR functions
  • eAlerts: Instant notification for important law updates

HR On-Demand Program

Our experienced and certified HR professionals work with you to address your business-specific questions and needs.

  • Ask the pro: Legal compliance and personnel issues
  • Document customization
  • Employee handbook development


Flexible Spending Account

How does it work?

Participants set aside funds on a pretax basis each year into the FlexSystem account(s). Access those funds for qualifying healthcare and/or dependent care expenses incurred within the plan year.

What are the benefits?
Employer Benefits:
  • Reduces payroll taxes
  • Enhances the employee benefit package
  • Improves employee satisfaction
Employee Benefits:
  • Reduces income tax
  • Saves on the cost of eligible healthcare and/or dependent care expenses
  • Covers common types of expenses: medical, dental, orthodontics, vision, prescription drugs, daycare and more

1 MyHR is offered through HRAnswerLink.
2 MyCAFETERIA is offered through TASC.
Fees may apply. Contact branch for full details.

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Sweep Accounts
A Sweep Account is a smart business choice if your checking account balance typically exceeds your daily operating expenses.

At the close of each business day, excess cash above a specified balance is automatically transferred into an interest earning account where they stay invested until needed in the checking account. Sweep funds are automatically transferred back into the checking account as needed to maintain the account at the specified balance.

Business Sweep

Manage your cash flow with a Business Sweep. Automatically sweep idle collected balances from your Business Checking to a sweep option to earn interest and save money.

A sweep automatically links your checking account to your MBOC savings or money market account.

Here's how sweep accounts work:
  1. You determine a balance threshold.
  2. You select a savings or money market investment account.
  3. When end-of-day balances exceed your threshold, Merchants Bank of Commerce automatically sweeps excess funds into the investment you have selected.
  4. Interest is calculated and accrued daily.
  5. Earned interest is posted to your a MBOC savings or money market at month’s end.

Money Market Savings Account Sweep

Our Money Market Sweep is designed to help improve the productivity of your funds. We calculate the amount of collected funds in your commercial account after we post all credits and debits. We automatically sweep surplus cash above the peg balance into the Money Market Investment Account.

Credit Sweep

In a Credit Sweep Account funds above a specified balance are automatically used to pay down your loan balance.

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