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Merchants Bank of Commerce

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is a Northern California chocolate boutique specializing in chocolate bonbons, macarons and ice cream.
Chocolate and pastry are my passion! I love the creative process of designing memorably delicious desserts. I value technique and craftsmanship and am constantly refining our processes and recipes to meet my standards.

Inspiration from current trends and nostalgic classics informs our menu. Our products are cosmopolitan with clear and proud roots in Northern California.

Whether it is produce or packaging we try to work with purveyors we know and trust. I’m enamored with the amazing array of talented farmers and makers in Northern California and we strive to use local products as often as possible. We do our best to be sustainable and careful with resources. In maintaining this commitment, the most local and sustainable asset we have is our own relationship with our business.

When I founded the company in 2007 with my husband Tom, we had goals of offering an exceptional product along with outstanding customer service for customers and providing an engaging and rewarding culture for our employees. Those goals remain the same today!

Tom and I retain full ownership of the company and growing slow with purpose has allowed us to pursue and achieve many of our big ideas. Business decisions are often discussed and made over family dinners or on weekend drives. Most importantly, we can take our time and base our decisions on our values. Small thought-out steps though often at odds with the fast pace of society are elemental to what we do. Our daily involvement brings authenticity to the essence of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates.

We are constantly working to make the products and experience better. I’m proud to share this project called Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates with you and I truly hope it can bring you a piece of the joy it has brought me!

The Merchants Bank of Sacramento recognizes the value in exemplary customer service. Their focus on cultivating relationships helps to make big things possible for small businesses like ours”
Tom Hahn